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Proceedings of the Nineteenth International Conference
of the Société Rencesvals, Oxford, 13–17 August 2012

edited by Marianne J. Ailes, Philip E. Bennett, Anne Elizabeth Cobby

Edinburgh 2014

ISBN 978 0 9519791 8 1


The two volumes (bought as one) of Proceedings contain papers by the keynote speakers Bill Burgwinkle, Dorothea Kullmann, Francine Mora and Bernard Ribémont, and thirty-nine session papers on the themes ‘Queer Theory and the Chansons de Geste’, ‘La Tradition rolandienne dans tous ses états’, ‘Chansons de Geste and Antiquity’, ‘The Representation of Law in the Chansons de Geste’, and miscellanea.

Epic Connections / Rencontres épiques

  • 2 vols.

    800 pp.

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