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edited and translated by Peter Noble

Edinburgh 2005

ISBN 978 0 9519791 4 3


Robert de Clari’s Conquête de Constantinople is the less well-known of the two eye-witness accounts of the Fourth Crusade in Old French.  It was written by a knight from Picardy who was not one of the leaders of the army, and so it gives the modern reader a rare insight into the thoughts and feelings of the ordinary crusader as he reacts to the changing fortunes of the expedition.  Clari was inquisitive and eager to inform his audience at home; his memoirs are not only a unique source for historians but also an entertaining account of one of the great crises of Christendom.

This completely revised edition of Clari’s memoirs is the first to combine the original Old French with a specially prepared modern English translation.

Robert de Clari, La Conquête de Constantinople

  • Designed for undergraduate and taught postgraduate students of medieval French literature and history, and of comparative literature, it contains an introduction, the text and translation into modern English, and explanatory notes.


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